Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Software Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) is an integral part of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and require as much attention as your core software development process. We are of the opinion that software testing is a specialized domain, which requires specialized skills and an alternate approach to ensure optimal performance of applications and systems being developed. Your organization should have access to efficient and organized QA teams and streamlined processes to ensure that newly built software applications/systems deliver consistent results.

JARKS IT offers a spectrum of QA and testing services to global enterprises, which enables them to detect software quality issues before they start impacting application performance. We strongly believe in and adhere to the Total Quality Management (TQM) methodology, which ensure high quality output at a reasonable cost. Our Quality Assurance framework incorporates a blend of modern tools and technologies, which helps enterprises improve their software quality and enhance performance of their software applications. It has always been our endeavor to provide effective and efficient QA and testing services to all our clients.


We offer independent software quality assurance and testing services across multiple domains. Our quality assurance services help enterprises to address software quality issues and improve application performance. We have been assisting enterprises in planning and managing their critical software testing processes using a dedicated Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) model, which helps in leveraging our experience garnered over the years.

Software Testing Offerings

We offer a wide range of Quality Assurance and Software testing services to various industry verticals and for multiple platforms ranging from web to mobile and across cloud. As an experienced IT services company, our endeavor is to deliver world class software testing services that help businesses to enhance efficiency and productivity. Our comprehensive QA and testing services focus on providing a complete software testing life-cycle (STLC) experience. Our services portfolio includes:

  • End-to-End Testing Services – We adopt a risk-driven functional testing methodology that ensures optimal test coverage and discovers defects early in the software testing life-cycle. Covers both functional and non-functional testing using black-box techniques, which includes test design, test execution, and test result analysis.
  • Manual Testing - Proven testing methodology facilitates estimation, designing of test plans / test cases / test scenarios, and Traceability Matrix to ease the process.
  • Automation Testing - Our automation testing services are performed utilizing functional testing tools offered by leading vendors such as HP, Selenium, TFS, etc. Creating a testing strategy, designing automation frameworks, and developing automation scripts using Selenium, and HP’s Unified Functional Tool (UFT).
  • Security Testing – We offer robust security testing services, which enable us to identify security flaws and potential vulnerabilities. To protect our clients from potential security threats we make use of latest security testing tools such as Web Securify, Nikto, and Wireshark.
  • Mobile Application Testing - Ensuring reliable and working applications on all mobile platforms.
Functional and Non-Functional Testing
Functional Testing Non-Functional Testing
Smoke Testing Load & Performance Testing
Integration Testing Stress & Volume Testing
Regression Testing Compatibility Testing
System Testing GUI testing
User Acceptance Testing Security Testing
Automation Testing
Test Management Automated Regression Testing
Test Automation Assessment Application Monitoring Services


Our unique blended tool-based methodology helps us to improve the availability and reliability of software applications of our clients. Further, our deep-domain experience and technical expertise enables us to deliver world-class software testing services, thereby improving application performance. We employ a team of highly professional software engineers, having hands-on experience on emerging software testing tools and technologies. We also have a research and development team that continuously explores various QA and testing methodologies by undertaking continuous research. We also utilize various open source tools and technologies, which have gained prominence in the market, which allows us to offer low cost QA solutions to our clients.

The comprehensive software testing strategy developed by JARKS lays a strong emphasis on TQM, which helps in improving application performance and reduces business risks arising out of critical business applications. The tools and technologies that we utilize give us the edge over our competitors.

Key Differentiators

Our software testing solutions help enterprises to enhance quality, improve cycle time, and reduce costs by improving application performance. Some of our key differentiators include:

Software Testing Key DIfferentiators
  • A strong vision and ability to manage complex software systems / application testing
  • Maturity to be a value added testing partner for your business enterprise
  • We believe in Total Quality Assurance (TQA) methodology, while delivering value to our clients
  • Full scale independent service offering helps us to dedicate exclusive resources and be focused to serve our clients effectively
  • Dedicated focal point approach, usage of new tools, technologies and trends in QA and testing allows your business utilize the power of next-generation testing technologies
  • In-depth experience in open source and vendor specific tools gives us the edge
  • Our performance testing strategy helps us identify bottlenecks at the early stages of application testing thus reducing cycle time
  • Proven track record in delivering results without compromising on quality

Our testing capabilities accelerate and improve application performance across your enterprises. We employ an optimal pricing model, which substantially reduces costs involved in quality assurance and delivery.