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Inventory Management App

The app enabled a global automotive dealer to redefine its complex inventory management via a mobility solution.

When U.S.-based leading automobile dealer solutions company Dominion wanted to go mobile, it chose us as its development partner. The company wanted a long-term, sustainable mobile solution to help provide its dealers with a customizable and on-the-fly inventory system.

Key facets of the app:

  • Multiplatform presence - available for both Android (Google Play) and iOS (Apple Store)
  • MVC architecture handles such complex workflows as dealer analysis, price, and position assessment
  • Integrates third party libraries for optimized app performance

Feature Summary: #UnifiedExperience #PlatformAgnostic #ComplexWorkflow #PerformanceOptimization

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Order Management App

Being a mobility project partner of our client — a market leader in construction and manufacturing domain. As part of mobile-first strategy, we assisted our client to prioritize mobilization of business, field service and sales. We helped our client move to the fast lane by accelerating the adoption of mobility by moving their workflows to mobile devices. JARKS IT’s enterprise mobility solutions helped them save time, reduce costs, and improve app security.

Key facets of the app:

  • Mobility roadmap for customer-centric mobility initiatives
  • Workflows for mobile users to Increase performance efficiency
  • Automation of existing process to reduce manual errors
  • Improved end-user satisfaction by creating customer focused mobile apps

Feature Summary: #Enterpriseapps #Workflows #Security #Automation

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Sale Analytics App

The app enables enterprises to analyze and showcase various sales trends via analytics.

A global manufacturing company needed its sales/field representative to showcase the company’s booming sales trends, or even email them on the go, to inspire confidence in clients.

Key facets of the app:

  • Analytics for different types of graphical data representation
  • Allows configuration of different data types to show range, color, and data plotting mechanisms
  • Strong data authentication and encapsulation layer
  • Data encryption and decryption engine for displaying business information from server on mobile devices

Feature Summary: #Analytics, #UX, #Security, #Graphics

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IoT App for Next-Generation Parking System

More cars and fewer parking spots mean finding the right place to park has become a pressing problem. This app reimagines the conventional parking system, making it two times as efficient. Because it saves time and fuel by helping drivers find parking places more quickly, the app is good for traffic and for the environment.

Key facets of the app:

  • Integrated IoT stack
  • Ground up indoor location tracking algorithm for quick discovery of parking spots
  • Easy to operate GPS visual for driver

Feature Summary: #IoT, #LocationTrackingAlgo, #SmartDashboarding, #SaveEnvironment

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Field Force App

The Field Force Mobile app enables business enterprises to manage their field workforce effectively. Enterprises can easily assign and communicate seamlessly with their field executives. Further, all work related information can be easily tracked and summary reports generated instantly. Field executives can access real-time inventory information, including product data, pricing etc. The app enables enterprise users to capture photos, forms, location information, audits, and signatures on the go. Additionally, field executives can easily categorize and filter information using tags.

Key facets of the app:

  • Gain real-time access to inventory data.
  • Simplified workforce management and on the go status updates.
  • Enhanced communication, including location information, forms, signatures etc.
  • Seamless integration with existing enterprise wide systems (ERP/CRM).

Feature Summary: #Inventory, #Audits, #Communication, #CRM, #Reports

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Health Care App

Health Care App revolutionizes the interaction between health professionals and patients, giving patients more control over their health care. The App enables patients to connect seamlessly with health care experts, schedule appointments, order medicines, share medical records in a secure and confidential manner.

Key facets of the app:

  • Health plan members can sign in to the App, obtain an e-ID card in a digital format - no fear of losing your ID card.
  • Messages – Email your doctor or wellness experts with non-urgent questions (privately and securely).
  • Appointments – Schedule, view, and cancel appointments with your doctor’s office and see information about past visits.
  • Pharmacy – Refill prescriptions for yourself or another member, check the status of a prescription order, and view list of all your medications.
  • Medical Records – Monitor your health history at your fingertips, including your allergies, immunizations and any ongoing treatments including lab test results.

Feature Summary: #Appointments #Communication #DigitalRecords #OrderMedicines

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event insights

Events Insight App

Enable your audience to engage with premier events of your enterprise. JARKS IT’s Events Insight mobile app engages enterprise audience in a whole new way, providing easy access to event information, upcoming sessions, webinars and thought leadership. App encompasses tools and content that any event attendee would need to be part of an enterprise event. Further, the mobile app captures all micro moments of event attendees and turns it to powerful insights.

Key facets of the app:

  • Announcements
  • Speaker information
  • Event Agenda (detailed session information)
  • Social media feeds (event related)
  • Live polls

Feature Summary: #EventInfo #SocialFeed #LivePolling #CustomAlerts

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Shop Floor Mobile App

JARKS IT’s enterprise mobility team developed a mobile solution using a leading Mobile application development platform (MADP). The mobile app handles large volumes of forms, validates the data and syncs to the server. Additionally, the mobile app consisted of features such as Offline Capability, OTA Sync, Barcode and enhanced security features that deliver a seamless end-user experience to the OEM's floor users.

The mobile app is targeted towards B2B customers of our client with a goal to improve the speed of operations, customer satisfaction and operating costs.

Key facets of the app:

  • Barcode integration to capture data
  • Enterprise-grade mobile app security
  • Automation of existing processes
  • Seamless customer experience

Feature Summary:#Productivity Apps #Enterprise Apps #MobileSync #Automation

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Shop Floor Mobile App