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Download our white papers on various emerging software technologies. Get deep insights on various emerging technologies and learn how they can enhance software performance. You can download the white paper by filling up a form. Keep visiting this page, we constantly update white papers.

Recent White Papers

  • On-Premise to Azure – Application Migration Path

    With the increase in popularity of Cloud as a means to deploy software, this paper presents details of how an application which is currently deployed ‘On-Premise’ can be migrated to Microsoft’s Cloud offering – Azure. The paper briefly describes the buzz word “Cloud” from the perspective of using it for deployment of software. It discusses the many choices there are out in the market and the various flavors of Cloud – PaaS, IaaS.


  • How to Dockerize Web Application using Docker Compose

    Enhancing the process of building, scaling, shipping, deploying, and running an application play a vital roles in today’s competitive IT industry by shortening the cycle between writing code and running code. With the methodology of DevOps and container virtualization technologies like Docker, it has become easier to adopt Microservice architecture style with reduced risk and complexity associated with building and deploying Microservices. Download the white paper to unlock the secrets of dockerizing web applications using Docker compose.


  • Simplify Business Process Automation with Bonita BPM

    Business processes often evolve as manual, undocumented procedures, but later turn complex enough to be managed without automation. As the business expands these processes turn out to be laborious and require constant maintenance. In order to mitigate these challenges, businesses must continually improvise their processes to align with changing business dynamics. The first step in implementing a fully automated workflow in conjunction with BPM is to identify the bottlenecks in a process.


  • Converting Oracle Reports to Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher - The Perfect Reporting Tool

    Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher is gaining prominence in the business community and it is being viewed as the reporting tool of the future. Oracle BI Publisher is a reporting engine that is used to generate reports from multiple data sources and in various formats. It is an excellent reporting tool that helps businesses generate highly formatted enterprise reports, based on the XML language.


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