Case Studies

Find out how our clients have benefited using our innovative software solutions that we offered to their business problems.

  • Website Revamp for a Leading Real Estate Portal Using AngularJS

    Our client’s real-estate portal was built using the ColdFusion platform. They were keen to upgrade/migrate their existing website from ColdFusion technology to NodeJS, AngularJS and Hapi.JS frameworks. Additionally, they wanted to ensure both old and new stack can coexist to ensure web pages on the new stack can go live incrementally. Find out how JARKS IT’s team assisted them in seamlessly migrating to the new platform.


  • Learn how we implemented a software test strategy for a leading
    E-Commerce website

    A leading retailer owning a chain of stores that sell Beds, Carpets, Laminate, Rugs, Underlay, Vinyl and various other inventories. They also have an active presence on the Internet offering online shopping facility to their customers. Their e-Commerce portal allows them to reach out to a wider audience and show case their products. Find out how the client benefitted by implemented our software test strategy for their e-Commerce website.


  • Understand how we implemented Oracle Service Contracts for a leading business in US

    Client had been running legacy renewal billing system that was developed in-house and requires extensive maintenance and limited in functionality. Client wanted to replace the legacy system with a new fast and reliable system with the following characteristics. Find out how the client leveraged our extensive experience in Oracle Service Contracts.


  • Custom Application Development to detect trademark infringements

    The client is a leader in business, legal, and financial services worldwide. The client utilizes various tools to enhance the value of brands, while combatting the forces that would undermine them. The client has a suite of brand protection services, technological superiority and ranked one for their quality of service by world trademark review. Client required a monitoring platform that can detect trademark infringement. Find out how the client gained by utilizing our application development services.


  • Application Migration and Integration Services for leading marketing services company

    The client is a leading marketing services company serving the wide-ranging needs of various verticals including real estate, automotive, and travel. The client currently utilizes IVM (Inventory Manager) software, which is a powerful single solution Inventory Application in the industry for used car dealers. The client was facing performance issues with IVM Version 3 because of a primitive UI. Learn how we helped our client migrate to a newer platform and optimized application performance issues.


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